Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Whether it’s a cold-blooded murder on live television, or remembering the devastation of Katrina a decade ago, the chilling events and painful memories of last week could easily make us question the sovereignty – or even the inherent goodness – Katrina2of a God who is purported to have His hands in all events and circumstances.
When life gets hard, we tend to question. Is God still good if I get cancer? Is He still good if He takes my kids? Can He really be trusted?

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Rocking the Chalk

As a kid, I thought I was cool because I chalked out “streets” in our driveway with realistic dashes in the middle. So yeah….

ChalkArt1 ChalkArt2ChalkArt4 ChalkArt3

Making The Most Of It

Guilty. Though I also look up the houses of friends, loved ones, and some distant acquaintances.

Google Earth

Ingenious, No?

I would shop here.


Reading is Hip

I was checking out books before it was cool.


All About Love

Love is love.

That’s what I keep hearing today. It’s been spoken, lyricized, and posted endlessly…as if it’s a self-supporting statement.

Maybe we need more definition here. What is love?

Half of you just said, “Baby, don’t hurt me.” But seriously, what is¬†love? This word is bandied about in social media, equated with sex, used to justify behavior, given as praise, or even used as a curse.

loveThrough this proliferation of potential meanings, have we cheapened what love really is? Is it a watered-down adjective, rather than a verb? Is it more emotion than action? Is it more feeling than doing?

I choose to go with the definition that has not changed since before the world began:

God is love (1 John 4:8).

That’s what I know.

The love that God is made Him love the unlovable – me. This love held Him on a cross to fully satisfy a debt He did not owe – mine. His love was sacrificial. It cost immeasurably, and yet was given freely.

I want to be that kind of love.

I keep hearing that today is a momentous day, a day that “love won.” Friends, that day came long ago, when a bloody cross led to an empty tomb. I know that my Redeemer lives, and when He returns, I shall be like Him, for I shall see Him as He is (1 John 3:2).

That will be a lovely day indeed.

Happy Father’s Day!

In the past year, I’ve been blessed with not one, but two children. God grant that I will guide them to glorify and enjoy Him forever.



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