I Might Need One of These…

I’m a work in progress when the Packers are playing.

football game

Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Whether it’s a cold-blooded murder on live television, or remembering the devastation of Katrina a decade ago, the chilling events and painful memories of last week could easily make us question the sovereignty – or even the inherent goodness – Katrina2of a God who is purported to have His hands in all events and circumstances.
When life gets hard, we tend to question. Is God still good if I get cancer? Is He still good if He takes my kids? Can He really be trusted?

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Rocking the Chalk

As a kid, I thought I was cool because I chalked out “streets” in our driveway with realistic dashes in the middle. So yeah….

ChalkArt1 ChalkArt2ChalkArt4 ChalkArt3

Making The Most Of It

Guilty. Though I also look up the houses of friends, loved ones, and some distant acquaintances.

Google Earth

Ingenious, No?

I would shop here.


Reading is Hip

I was checking out books before it was cool.


All About Love

Love is love.

That’s what I keep hearing today. It’s been spoken, lyricized, and posted endlessly…as if it’s a self-supporting statement.

Maybe we need more definition here. What is love?

Half of you just said, “Baby, don’t hurt me.” But seriously, what is love? This word is bandied about in social media, equated with sex, used to justify behavior, given as praise, or even used as a curse.

loveThrough this proliferation of potential meanings, have we cheapened what love really is? Is it a watered-down adjective, rather than a verb? Is it more emotion than action? Is it more feeling than doing?

I choose to go with the definition that has not changed since before the world began:

God is love (1 John 4:8).

That’s what I know.

The love that God is made Him love the unlovable – me. This love held Him on a cross to fully satisfy a debt He did not owe – mine. His love was sacrificial. It cost immeasurably, and yet was given freely.

I want to be that kind of love.

I keep hearing that today is a momentous day, a day that “love won.” Friends, that day came long ago, when a bloody cross led to an empty tomb. I know that my Redeemer lives, and when He returns, I shall be like Him, for I shall see Him as He is (1 John 3:2).

That will be a lovely day indeed.


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